Selected MPARG Publications in 2010/2011


Gray, D.L., Canessa, R., C.P. Keller, P. Dearden, and R. Rollins (2011). Spatial characterization on marine recreational boating: exploring the use of an on-the-water questionnaire for a case study in the Pacific Northwest. Marine Policy. 35: 286-298

Heck, N, P.Dearden, A. McDonald and S. Carver (2011) Developing MPA performance indicators with local stakeholders input in the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, Canada. Biodiversity and Conservation 20: 895-911

Heck, N and P. Dearden, A McDonald and S. Carver (2011) Stakeholder opinions on the assessment of MPA effectiveness and their interests to participate at Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, Canada. Environmental Management 47 (4): 603-616

Needham, M. D., Rollins, R. B., Ceurvorst, R. L., Wood, C. J. B., Grimm, K. E., & Dearden, P. (Published on line October 2010 DOI 10.177/0047287510382298). Motivations and normative evaluations of summer visitors at an alpine ski area. Journal of Travel Research.


Bennett, N. (2010). Sustainable Livelihoods from Theory to Practice: An Extended Annotated Bibliography for Prospective Application of Livelihoods Thinking in Protected Area Community Research. University of Victoria/Vancouver Island University, Canada: MPARG/PAPR.

Bennett, N., Lemelin, R.H., & Ellis, S. (2010). Aboriginal and Local Perspectives on the Community Benefits of Conservation: A Case Study of a Proposed Canadian National Park and the Lutsel K’e Dene First Nation. Geography Research Forum, 30, 105-134.

Dearden P and P. Manopawitr (2010) Climate Change – Coral Reefs and Dive Tourism in Southeast Asia. In Keys to the Disappearing Destinations: Climate Change and the Future Challenges for Coastal Tourism edited by Andrew Jones and Mike Phillips. CABI, Wallingford.pp144-160

Dearden,P., M. Theberge and Yasué, M. (2010) Using underwater cameras to assess the effects of snorkeler or SCUBA diver presence on coral reef fish abundance, family richness and species composition. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 163: 531-538

Gray, D.L., R. Canessa, R. Rollins, C.P. Keller, and P. Dearden (2010). Incorporating recreational users into marine protected area planning: a study of recreational boating in British Columbia, Canada. Environmental Management 46(2):167-180.

Gray, D.L., Canessa, R.R., R.Rollins, P. Dearden, and C.P. Keller (2010). Understanding recreational boater attitudes to zoning in a proposed marine protected area. Coastal Management 38: 575-597.

Lemelin, R. H., & Bennett, N. (2010). The Proposed Pimachiowin Aki World Heritage Site: Management and Protection of Indigenous World Heritage Sites in a Canadian Context. Loisir/Leisure, 34(2), 169-187.


About Nathan J. Bennett

Nathan J. Bennett (see is a post-doctoral fellow in the Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability at the University of British Columbia. He conducts research on humans-environment interactions, conservation social sciences and environmental governance and management.
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