Bay of Bengal Large Marine Ecosystem Project Supports the Work of Project IMPAACT

The Thailand national task force of the Bay of Bengal Large Marine Ecosystem (BOBLME) Project has opted to support the work of Project IMPAACT on marine protected areas on the Andaman Coast. Project IMPAACT, a current project of the Marine Protected Areas Research Group, stands for Improving Marine Protected Areas on the Andaman Coast of Thailand under a Climate Change Regime.

According to the website of BOBLME  “Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Maldives, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Thailand are working together through the Bay of Bengal Large Marine Ecosystem Project to lay the foundations for a coordinated programme of action designed to improve the lives of the coastal populations through improved regional management of the Bay of Bengal environment and its fisheries.”

Project IMPAACT is closely aligned with BOBLME’s objective of developing a “better understanding of and promot[ing] a more comprehensive approach to the establishment and management of marine protected areas (MPAs) and fish refugia for sustainable fish management and biodiversity conservation objectives”.

The support from BOBLME will be primarily focused towards scaling up the program of field research on both the ecological and social components of Project IMPAACT. In addition, Project IMPAACT will focus on regional and national capacity building through producing a number of reports and conducting a series of community, regional, and national workshops.

The partnership with BOBLME will allow Project IMPAACT to connect more extensively with national governing bodies concerned with marine management and conservation and create a more direct link between research results, practitioners, and policy-makers.

Project IMPAACT will also be working alongside Wetlands Alliance to carry out the work underneath the BOBLME project.

More can be learned about the Bay of Bengal Large Marine Ecosystem project on their website at

More can be learned about the Wetlands Alliance on their website at


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