MPA Establishment in Canada, Small Scale Fisheries Governance in the Cormoros, Tourism Development in Aboriginal Communities, Whale Shark Tourism, and Conservation Values and Governance

Since the beginning of 2012, researchers in the Marine Protected Areas Research Group have published a number of peer reviewed publications focusing on a diverse array of issues including establishment of no take zones in MPAs in Canada, governance of small-scale fisheries in Cormoros, capacity building for community-based tourism development, the relationship between conservation values and governance of protected areas, and the sustainability of whale shark tourism in Mexico. A list of recent articles and links are listed below.

Robinson, L., Bennett, N., King, L., & Murray, G. (2012). “We Want Our Children to Grow Up to See These Animals:” Values and Protected Areas Governance in Canada, Ghana and Tanzania. Human Ecology, 1–11. doi:10.1007/s10745-012-9502-7

Hauzer, M., P. Dearden and G. Murray (2012) The effectiveness of community-based governance of small-scale fisheries, Ngazidja island, Comoros. Marine Policy

Cheri A. Ayers, Phil Dearden and Rick Rollins. 2012. An exploration of Hul’qumi’num Coast Salish peoples’ attitudes towards the establishment of no-take zones within marine protected areas in the Salish Sea, Canada. The Canadian Geographer / Le Géographe canadien 56(2):260-274.

Heck, N, P.Dearden, and A. McDonald (2012) Stakeholder Evaluation Priorities for Demonstrating Marine Protected Area Effectiveness at the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, Canada. Coastal Management 40: 55-72

Heck, N, P.Dearden, and A. McDonald (2012) Insights into marine conservation efforts in temperate regions: marine protected areas on Canada’s West Coast. Ocean & Coastal Management 57: 10-20

Ziegler, J., Dearden, P. and Rollins, R. (2012) But are tourists satisfied? Importance-performance analysis of the whale shark tourism industry on Isla Holbox, Mexico. Tourism Management, 33: 692-701

Bennett, N. J., Lemelin, R. H., Koster, R., & Budke, I (2012). A capital assets framework for appraising and building capacity for tourism development in aboriginal protected area gateway communities. Tourism Management.


About Nathan J. Bennett

Nathan J. Bennett (see is a post-doctoral fellow in the Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability at the University of British Columbia. He conducts research on humans-environment interactions, conservation social sciences and environmental governance and management.
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