“GEOG 490: Directed studies in geography” on disseminating research findings through film

MPARG is currently looking for a student to help develop a short documentary film on a graduate research project based in the Philippines. The goal of the film is to disseminate results of a research project investigating different approaches for incorporating local community input in the design of marine protected area networks in the Philippines. The target audience for the film are small-scale fishers and government officials in Southern Leyte, Philippines.

IMG_0418WHY FILM? While researchers commonly disseminate their research findings through academic papers or reports, efforts to communicate results beyond academic circles is still limited. One method for communicating research findings to policymakers, stakeholders, and the research subjects themselves, is through film.

Film can facilitate access and utilization of knowledge to stakeholder groups, organizations, and institutions outside of academia. Furthermore, it can serve as a progressive means of feedback for researchers.

WHAT DOES IT INVOLVE? The research team has compiled various videos from fieldwork in the Philippines, including videos of focus group discussions and mapping exercises, one-on-one interviews with fishers, fishing expeditions, and underwater footage. The student will be responsible for editing and organizing the video clips. Additional interviews with the research team may also be required. Their main responsibility will be to work closely with the research team to develop a short documentary illustrating the goals, research process, methodology, and key research findings.

WHAT’S REQUIRED? There is the possibility of receiving course credit as a GEOG 490 Directed Studies under the supervision of Dr. Philip Dearden for appropriately qualified students. We are looking for a student/volunteer based in Victoria (BC, Canada) with previous experience shooting and editing video. Duration: August/September to November/December, 2016.

INTERESTED? For more information, please contact Alessia Kockel (Lead Researcher) from MPARG at akockel@uvic.ca or 250-884-3401.

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