Dr. Philip Dearden

dearden picDr. Phil Dearden was appointed in 1981 and was Chair of the Department between 2008 and 2013. His main research interests are in conservation, particularly related to protected area systems, and he is the co-author of Parks and Protected Areas in Canada: Planning and Management, published by Oxford University Press and commonly used as a textbook on the topic in Canada.

Most of Dr. Dearden’s career has been spent in the tropics and particularly in Southeast Asia. He has had active research programs in Thailand for 30 years and worked throughout other countries in the region, particularly Cambodia and the Philippines. He also has extensive experience in Sri Lanka and for the last 10 years has been involved in research programs related to poverty and protected areas in Ghana and Tanzania.

He is particularly interested in incentive-based conservation and working with communities to generate benefits from conservation activities. He is a member of the Community Conservation Research Network, based at St Mary’s University and a collaborator of the Centre for Indigenous Conservation and Development Alternatives based at McGill University.

Most of his activity is now focused on the marine environment, both in Canada and overseas. He leads the Marine Protected Areas Research Group (MPARG) at University of Victoria and has research interests ranging from marine mammals through to coral reef monitoring, community-based governance, shark watching and SCUBA diver management in South East Asia.

He was the leader of the MPA Working Group for Canada’s Ocean Management Research Network, Co-Chair of Parks Canada’s NMCA Marine Science Advisory Network and Expert Advisor to the Auditor General for the 2012 audit of MPA progress. He is a member of IUCN’s World Commission on Protected Areas and has acted as consultant to the Asian Development Bank, the World Bank, IUCN, UNESCO, UNDP, CIDA, as well as many government agencies in Asia and Canada. He is a member of the College of reviewers for the Canada Research Chair Program, a past member of the SSHRC national adjudication panel on grant allocations and a Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society. A firm believer in the utility of NGOs he is a Trustee Emeritus of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society and currently on the Board of the Living Oceans Society. In 2011 he was the Chair of the Local Organising Committee of the International Marine Conservation Congress (IMCC), the world’s largest marine conservation meeting. He is a member of an international working group funded by the National Science Foundation to develop an integrated framework to model resilience of the coupled human/natural environment in tropical and subtropical coastal systems.

Dr. Dearden was awarded the University of Victoria Alumni Award for Teaching Excellence in 1998 and is a devoted teacher, having taught the first year class at University of Victoria every year since his appointment. He is also the co-author of the text book Environmental Change and Challenge: A Canadian Perspective, published by Oxford University Press, which is widely used in introductory environmental courses in Canadian universities and now in its fifth edition. He is a recipient of the William C. Wonders Award for Scholarly Distinction in recognition of his work in the environmental and resource geography of Canada and for his efforts to communicate this to undergraduate students across Canada through publication of his widely-used textbooks. In 2013 the Globe and Mail identified Dr. Dearden as University of Victoria’s “Hot Shot Prof”. He has published 13 books and over 220 scientific papers and has given keynote addresses at major conferences throughout the world, including the World Ecotourism Congress, the Canadian Parks for Tomorrow Conference and the Tropical Forestry in a Changing World

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Dr. Philip Dearden

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