Ms Renuka Klabsuk

AorMs Renuka Klabsuk, is pursuing a Doctoral degree in Geography at the University of Victoria. Her proposed research will be conducted with several coastal communities on the west coast of Thailand that live in areas where there are extensive seagrass beds and declining dugong populations. She will examine some of the meaning and motivation for conservation, including incentive-based approaches in those communities. She is currently working with the Project IMPACT with the funding from Community Conservation Research Network (CCRN).

Ms Renuka is a lecturer in the Park, Recreation and Tourism Program under the Department of Conservation, Faculty of Forestry, Kasetsart University (KUFF) in Thailand. She completed a Master’s degree in the Park and Recreation program in 2004. Her thesis was entitled: Application of Geographical Information Systems to Ecotourism Opportunity Spectrum Zoning in Mae Khan Watershed Tourism Network at Chiang Mai Province. She had applied an interdisciplinary approach based on watershed areas ecosystem conservation and social science. She have been a member of research teams on several research projects related to protected areas management, nature resources conservation, community conservation and ecotourism.