The following list provides a very partial list of previous graduate student. For more information see the Theses and Dissertations page under Knowledge Mobilization.

Emmanuel Acquah (eacquah@uvic.ca), PhD student, Human-wildlife interactions and protected areas management: A case study of Mole National Park and the fringe communities in Ghana (PAPR Project)


Julia Bentz (jbentz@uac.pt), Visiting PhD student, Optimal strategies for marine wildlife tourism in the Azores islands – the role of marine spatial planning

Adam Chafey (achafey@uvic.ca), MA student, The perceived impact of protected areas on neighbouring communities on the west coast of Vancouver island (PAPR Project)

Bruce Downie (bkdownie@uvic.ca), PhD student, Improving benefits of park-based ecotourism and conservation for community development in Tanzania (PAPR Project)

Brian Dyck (Brian.Dyck@gov.bc.ca), PhD Candidate, Survey research methods related to Protected Areas and the efficacy of web-based survey research (Canadian MPAs Project)

Melissa Hauzer (mhauzer@uvic.ca), MA student, Effectiveness of local governance in artisanal fisheries management, Ngazidja island (Comoros Fisheries Project)

Andrew Kagyare (akagyare@uvic.ca), PhD student, Polycentric governance and socio-ecological performance of community resource management areas in Ghana: The role of local governance capital (PAPR Project)

Alex Kisingo (akisingo@uvic.ca), PhD student, An assessment of conservation-based governance approaches in the Western Serengeti, Tanzania (PAPR Project)

Enock Makupa (emakupa@yahoo.co.uk), PhD student, Effectiveness of wildlife management areas in improving conservation and contributing to community livelihoods, Western Serengeti, Tanzania (PAPR Project)


Baker Masuruli (masuruli@yahoo.com), PhD student, Costs and benefits of tourism to conservation and communities in and around protected areas: A case of Serengeti National Park in Tanzania (PAPR Project)

Luba Reshitnyk (lresh016@uvic.ca), MSc student, Remote sensing of intertidal and shallow subtidal habitats for biodiversity inventory for the Gwaii Haanas National Marine Conservation Area Reserve (Canadian MPAs Project)

Lance W. Robinson (Lance.Robinson@viu.ca, personal website), Post-doctoral fellow, The Multi-Dimensional Nature of Protected Areas Governance (PAPR project)

Mike Walton (michael.walton@shaw.ca), PhD candidate, MPA governance with special reference to First Nations in Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area (Canadian MPAs Project)

Other Previous Graduate Students are:

Cheri Ayers (2005)

Thesis: Hul’qumi’num First Nations perspectives on Marine Conservation and the use of Marine Protected Areas as a Management Strategy. (Phil Dearden)

Michelle Bennett (2002)

Thesis: Scuba Diving Tourism in Phuket, Thailand: Pursuing Sustainability (Phil Dearden)

Carleigh Randall (2003) – An Examination of Visitor Management Issues Within the Broken Group Islands, Pacific Rim National Park Reserve (Rick Rollins and Colin Wood)

Trevor Haynes (2006)

Thesis: Development and evaluation of predictive habitat models for the Pacific sand lance (Ammodytes hexapterus). (Phil Dearden and Cliff Robinson)

Ellen Hines (2002)

Thesis: Conservation of the Dugong (Dugong dugon) Along the Andaman Coast of Thailand: An example of the integration of conservation and biology in endangered species research. (Dave Duffus)

Kate Leatherbarrow (2006)

Thesis: Environmental impacts of recreational boating in the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve of Canada. (Phil Dearden and Cliff Robinson)

Kristin Lunn (2003)

Incorporating fishing communities’ needs in multiple-use zoning plans: The example of Ko Chang Marine National Park, Thailand (Phil Dearden)

Chris Malcolm (2004)

Thesis: The current state and future prospects of whale-watching management, with special emphasis on whale-watching in British Columbia. (Dave Duffus)

Dave McCallum (2006)

Thesis: Strategies for Use and Protection of the Marine Environment (R. Rollins)

George Roman (2004)

Thesis: Multiple-Use Zoning and Tourism in Marine Protected Areas: A Case Study of Mu Koh Chang National Marine Park, Thailand. (P. Dearden)

Wendy Szaniszlo (2005)

Thesis: Steller Sea Lion (Eumetopias jubatus) and California Sea Lion (Zalophus californianus) interactions with vessels in Pacific Rim National Park Reserve: Implications for marine mammal viewing management (Phil Dearden)

Michelle Theberge (2002)

Thesis: Monitoring Marine Protected Areas in Thailand: Reef Fish, Whale Sharks and Divers (Phil Dearden)

Karen Topelko (2007)

Thesis: Understanding the environmental and social impacts of coral reef use: a study of the snorkeling environment and experience in Koh Chang Marine National Park, Thailand (Phil Dearden)

Kirsten van der Meer (2007)

Thesis: Perspectives on ecotourism and volunteer tourism in post tsunami Khao Lak, Thailand (Phil Dearden)

Maï Yasué (2006)

Thesis: The breeding ecology and potential impacts of habitat change on the Malaysian plover, Charadrius peronii, in the Gulf of Thailand (Phil Dearden)

Jackie Zeigler (2010)

Thesis: Assessing the Sustainability of Whale Shark Tourism: A Case Study of Isla Holbox, Mexico (Phil Dearden)