Theses and Dissertations


Downie, B., PhD (in prep) Designing Optimal Ecotourism Strategies for Park Communities in Saadhani National Park, Tanzania

Jones, A, PhD (in prep) Protected area community post-relocation resilience in Ghana

Manopawitr, P., PhD (in prep) Designing a resilient MPA system in the face of Global Climate Change  on Thailand’s Andaman coast

Masuruli, B., PhD (in prep) Benefiting Local Communities from Ecotourism in the Serengetti World Heritage Area, Tanzania

Walton, M., PhD (in prep) Protected Areas and Local Communities on the North Shore of Lake Superior


Acquah, E., PhD (2013) Governance and Park Communities around Mole National Park, Ghana (Phil Dearden)

Augustine, S, MSc (2013) The past, present, and future of incentive-based coral conservation: Sustainability of diving on the Andaman coast of Thailand (Phil Dearden)

Agyare, A., PhD (2013) Polycentric Governance and Social-Ecological Performance of Community Resource Management Areas in Ghana (Phil Dearden)

Bennett, N., PhD (2013). Livelihood Impacts of Climate Change on Protected Areas Communities on Thailand’s Andaman coast (Phil Dearden)

Dyck, B., PhD (2013). Developing a New Mixed-Mode Methodology For a Provincial Park Camper Survey in British Columbia (Phil Dearden)

Kisingo, A., PhD (2013). Governance of Protected Areas in the Serengeti Ecosystem, Tanzania (Phil Dearden)

Reshitnyk, L., MSc (2013)  Acoustic and satellite remote sensing of shallow nearshore marine habitats in the Gwaii Hanaas National Marine Conservation Area (Phil Dearden)


Hauzer, M., MSc (2012) Indigenous Management of Artisanal Fisheries in Comoros (Phil Dearden)

Kongcharoen, N., PhD (2012) Legal Perspectives on Community-Based Resource Management in Northern Thailand


Ruru, J., PhD (2011) Settling Indigenous Place: Reconciling Legal Fictions in Governing Canada and Aotearoa New Zealand’s National Parks


Heck, N., PhD (2010) Assessing Management Effectiveness: Indicators for MPAs in BC

Ziegler, J., MSc (2010) Developing sustainable whale shark viewing in Mexico (Phil Dearden)


Topelko, K. (2007) Understanding the environmental and social impacts of coral reef use: a study of the snorkeling environment and experience in Koh Chang Marine National Park, Thailand (Phil Dearden)

Van der Meer, K. (2007) Perspectives on ecotourism and volunteer tourism in post tsunami Khao Lak, Thailand (Phil Dearden)


Haynes, T.(2006)  Development and evaluation of predictive habitat models for the Pacific sand lance (Ammodytes hexapterus). (Phil Dearden and Cliff Robinson)

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Yasue, M. (2006) The breeding ecology and potential impacts of habitat change on the Malaysian plover, Charadrius peronii, in the Gulf of Thailand (Phil Dearden)


Ayers, C. (2005) Hul’qumi’num First Nations perspectives on Marine Conservation and the use of Marine Protected Areas as a Management Strategy. (Phil Dearden)

Szanizslo, W. (2005) Steller Sea Lion (Eumetopias jubatus) and California Sea Lion (Zalophus californianus) interactions with vessels in Pacific Rim National Park Reserve: Implications for marine mammal viewing management (Phil Dearden)


Malcolm, Chris, PhD (2004) The current state and future prospects of whale-watching management, with special emphasis on whale-watching in British Columbia. (Dave Duffus)

Roman, George, MSc (2004) Multiple-Use Zoning and Tourism in Marine Protected Areas: A Case Study of Mu Koh Chang National Marine Park, Thailand. (Phil Dearden)


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Ostraff, Melinda, PhD (Inter) (2003) Contemporary Uses of Limu (Marine Algae) in the Vava’u in the Vava’u Island Group, Kingdom of Tonga: An Ethnobotanical Study Szuster,

Randall, Carleigh, MA (2003) An Examination of Visitor Management Issues Within the Broken Group Islands, Pacific Rim National Park Reserve (Rick Rollins and Colin Wood)

Yakimishyn, Jennifer L., MSc (2003) Monitoring Spatial and Temporal Patterns Structuring Eelgrass (Zostera marina L.) Fish Diversity in Clayoquot Sound (Phil Dearden, Cliff Robinson)


Bennett, Michelle, MA (2002) Scuba Diving Tourism in Phuket, Thailand: Pursuing Sustainability (Phil Dearden)

Hines, Ellen, PhD (2002) Conservation of the Dugong (Dugong dugon) Along the Andaman Coast of Thailand: An example of the integration of conservation and biology in endangered species research. (Dave Duffus)

Loos, Eduardo, MSc (2002) Shoreline Feature Extraction from Remotely-Sensed Imagery (Olaf Neimann)

Theberge, Michelle M., MSc (2002) Monitoring Marine Protected Areas in Thailand: Reef Fish, Whale Sharks and Divers (Phil Dearden)


Brian Walter, PhD (2001) Cumulative Environmental Effects of Low Salinity Shrimp Aquaculture in Thailand (Mark Flaherty) Ph.D. Dissertations (In Progress) Bourque, W. (Phil Dearden)

Wilson, Jodie, MA (2001) Sustainable Management of Ecotourism: Whale Watching in Tofino, BC: A Case Study (Dave Duffus)

Before 2000

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