Lead Researchers

Dr. Phil Dearden (pdearden@office.geog.uvic.ca, personal website), Professor and Department Chair (Geography), Research Interests: marine protected areas, incentive-based conservation, resource management, protected area governance

Rosaline CanessaDr. Rosaline Canessa (rosaline@uvic.ca , personal website), Associate Professor (Geography), Research Interests: coastal resource management, marine spatial planning, geographic information systems (GIS), seascape visualization

Dr Ellen Hines (ehines@sfsu.edu, personal website), Adjunct Associate Professor (UVic Geog) and Associate Profesory (San Fransisco State), Research interests: marine mammals, integrated coastal management, public participation GIS, marine protected areas, climate change, LiDAR and hyperspectral applications

Dr Grant Murray (grant.murray@viu.ca, personal website, project website), Adjunct (UVic Geog) and Canada Research Chair (Vancouver Island U), Research interests: local ecological knowledge, marine protected areas, coastal communities, social-ecological systems, environmental history, coastal resource management, aquaculture, tourism, and fisheries

Dr. Cliff Robinson (cliff.robinson@pc.gc.ca), Adjunct Assistant Professor (Geography), Research Interests: marine protected areas, marine biodiversity conservation, geographic information systems (GIS)

Dr. Rick Rollins (Rick.Rollins@viu.ca), Adjunct Assistant Professor (Geography), Research Interests: protected areas (Canada and International), visitor management, ecological integrity, tourism management

Dr. Mark Zacharias (mzachari@uvic.ca), Adjunct Associate Professor (Geography), Research Interests: marine conservation, marine protected areas, marine habitat management


Natalie BanDr. Natalie C. Ban (personal website), Assistant Professor (School of Environmental Studies), Research Interests: Marine ethnoecology, marine protected areas, marine spatial planning, social-ecological systems, GIS, climate change, local and traditional knowledge