Previous Students

The following list provides a very partial list of previous graduate student. For more information see the Theses and Dissertations page under Knowledge Mobilization.

Emmanuel Acquah (, PhD student, Human-wildlife interactions and protected areas management: A case study of Mole National Park and the fringe communities in Ghana (PAPR Project)

Skye Augustine (, MSc Student, Sustainability of Dive Tourism on Andaman Coast of Thailand (Project IMPAACT)

Nathan Bennett (, personal website), PhD student, Biodiversity, livelihoods, and climate change in marine protected areas on the Andaman coast of Thailand (Project IMPAACT)

Julia Bentz (, Visiting PhD student, Optimal strategies for marine wildlife tourism in the Azores islands – the role of marine spatial planning

Adam Chafey (, MA student, The perceived impact of protected areas on neighbouring communities on the west coast of Vancouver island (PAPR Project)

Bruce Downie (, PhD student, Improving benefits of park-based ecotourism and conservation for community development in Tanzania (PAPR Project)

Brian Dyck (, PhD Candidate, Survey research methods related to Protected Areas and the efficacy of web-based survey research (Canadian MPAs Project)

Melissa Hauzer (, MA student, Effectiveness of local governance in artisanal fisheries management, Ngazidja island (Comoros Fisheries Project)

Andrew Kagyare (, PhD student, Polycentric governance and socio-ecological performance of community resource management areas in Ghana: The role of local governance capital (PAPR Project)

Alex Kisingo (, PhD student, An assessment of conservation-based governance approaches in the Western Serengeti, Tanzania (PAPR Project)

Enock Makupa (, PhD student, Effectiveness of wildlife management areas in improving conservation and contributing to community livelihoods, Western Serengeti, Tanzania (PAPR Project)

Petch Manopawitr (, PhD candidate, Designing an effective Marine Protected Area Network in the Andaman Sea of Thailand to address the impacts of climate change (Project IMPAACT)

Baker Masuruli (, PhD student, Costs and benefits of tourism to conservation and communities in and around protected areas: A case of Serengeti National Park in Tanzania (PAPR Project)

Raphaella Prugsamatz (, PhD Student, Antecedents and impacts of conservation behaviour in coastal communities in Thailand (Project IMPAACT)

Luba Reshitnyk (, MSc student, Remote sensing of intertidal and shallow subtidal habitats for biodiversity inventory for the Gwaii Haanas National Marine Conservation Area Reserve (Canadian MPAs Project)

Lance W. Robinson (, personal website), Post-doctoral fellow, The Multi-Dimensional Nature of Protected Areas Governance (PAPR project)

Mike Walton (, PhD candidate, MPA governance with special reference to First Nations in Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area (Canadian MPAs Project)

Other Previous Graduate Students are:

Cheri Ayers (2005)

Thesis: Hul’qumi’num First Nations perspectives on Marine Conservation and the use of Marine Protected Areas as a Management Strategy. (Phil Dearden)

Michelle Bennett (2002)

Thesis: Scuba Diving Tourism in Phuket, Thailand: Pursuing Sustainability (Phil Dearden)

Carleigh Randall (2003) – An Examination of Visitor Management Issues Within the Broken Group Islands, Pacific Rim National Park Reserve (Rick Rollins and Colin Wood)

Trevor Haynes (2006)

Thesis: Development and evaluation of predictive habitat models for the Pacific sand lance (Ammodytes hexapterus). (Phil Dearden and Cliff Robinson)

Ellen Hines (2002)

Thesis: Conservation of the Dugong (Dugong dugon) Along the Andaman Coast of Thailand: An example of the integration of conservation and biology in endangered species research. (Dave Duffus)

Kate Leatherbarrow (2006)

Thesis: Environmental impacts of recreational boating in the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve of Canada. (Phil Dearden and Cliff Robinson)

Kristin Lunn (2003)

Incorporating fishing communities’ needs in multiple-use zoning plans: The example of Ko Chang Marine National Park, Thailand (Phil Dearden)

Chris Malcolm (2004)

Thesis: The current state and future prospects of whale-watching management, with special emphasis on whale-watching in British Columbia. (Dave Duffus)

Dave McCallum (2006)

Thesis: Strategies for Use and Protection of the Marine Environment (R. Rollins)

George Roman (2004)

Thesis: Multiple-Use Zoning and Tourism in Marine Protected Areas: A Case Study of Mu Koh Chang National Marine Park, Thailand. (P. Dearden)

Wendy Szaniszlo (2005)

Thesis: Steller Sea Lion (Eumetopias jubatus) and California Sea Lion (Zalophus californianus) interactions with vessels in Pacific Rim National Park Reserve: Implications for marine mammal viewing management (Phil Dearden)

Michelle Theberge (2002)

Thesis: Monitoring Marine Protected Areas in Thailand: Reef Fish, Whale Sharks and Divers (Phil Dearden)

Karen Topelko (2007)

Thesis: Understanding the environmental and social impacts of coral reef use: a study of the snorkeling environment and experience in Koh Chang Marine National Park, Thailand (Phil Dearden)

Kirsten van der Meer (2007)

Thesis: Perspectives on ecotourism and volunteer tourism in post tsunami Khao Lak, Thailand (Phil Dearden)

Maï Yasué (2006)

Thesis: The breeding ecology and potential impacts of habitat change on the Malaysian plover, Charadrius peronii, in the Gulf of Thailand (Phil Dearden)

Jackie Zeigler (2010)

Thesis: Assessing the Sustainability of Whale Shark Tourism: A Case Study of Isla Holbox, Mexico (Phil Dearden)